Professionalism, experience, sustainability and innovation represent the philosophy of E.C. Engineering srl, engaged in engineering consulting of technological systems with cutting-edge eco-sustainable solutions. The company operates for the following sectors: electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building automation, special systems, structured cabling systems, renewable sources, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water, sanitary sound, anti-fire systems.

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To satisfy the provisions of sound pollution laws or to obtain a good level of acoustic comfort in both indoor and outdoor environments,
EC Engineering employs the services of two engineers registered in the official list of the Veneto Region of Environmental Acoustics Technicians.

Building and architectural acoustics

  • project design of the passive acoustic requirements of buildings
  • assistance in works management for passive acoustic requirements
  • instrumental inspection of passive acoustic requirements
  • survey and study for acoustic correction in existing buildings
  • study of solutions for acoustic comfort in business buildings
  • study of solutions for acoustic comfort in open space offices
  • acoustic project design for premises destined to be used for listening to dialogue or music
  • study of solutions for reducing reverberation in medium or large-size environments
  • technical consultancy relating to passive acoustic requirements

Environmental acoustics

  • acoustic impact assessments
  • acoustic impact estimates
  • acoustic climate estimates
  • noise abatement project design
  • acoustic classification for municipalities
  • noise abatement plans for municipalities
  • assessments of acoustic impact of transport infrastructures

Industrial acoustics

  • acoustic impact assessments
  • acoustic impact estimates
  • measurements of sound power of machines
  • assessment of noise risk in working environments
  • acoustic correction of working environments
  • project design for soundproofing of industrial machines or systems