Professionalism, experience, sustainability and innovation represent the philosophy of E.C. Engineering srl, engaged in engineering consulting of technological systems with cutting-edge eco-sustainable solutions. The company operates for the following sectors: electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building automation, special systems, structured cabling systems, renewable sources, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water, sanitary sound, anti-fire systems.

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Project design of M.V. systems

  • M.V. and M.V./L.V. cabins, pre-fabricated and non-pre-fabricated, with trench-duct system, with 1 or several single transformers, with transformers in parallel, medium voltage selectivity calculation, medium voltage lines calculations, medium voltage ring calculations.

Project design of L.V. systems

  • L.V. electric power centre boards
  • L.V. line calculations
  • selectivity and wiring calculations
  • calculations of lines in cable and in electrified ducts
  • calculations of cable carrier raceways – energy lines, data/special lines
  • power factor correction systems calculation
  • technical lighting – ordinary, emergency and external lighting checks
  • centralised emergency lighting systems calculations
  • systems in hospital environments
  • grid-generator set exchange systems
  • sizing of ground systems
  • electric security systems
  • systems providing protection from atmospheric discharges

Project design of public lighting systems

  • calculations of electric lines in cable
  • technical lighting checks
  • light flow regulation systems
  • public lighting regulatory plans
  • public lighting operating project

Project design of electrical systems in premises where there is a danger of explosion, classification of hazardous zones

  • identification of significant quantities of hazardous substances and definition of the characteristics of the hazardous substances
  • identification of sources of emission in ordinary functioning and sources of emission in the event of a breakdown of components
  • calculation of ventilation
  • definition of extensions and forms of hazardous zones
  • identification of type of electrical system to install
  • drafting of electrical systems maintenance registers in premises where there is a danger of explosion
  • Study of maintenance of systems according to Standards
  • Periodic checks of electrical system according to Standards
  • Systems’ inspections