Professionalism, experience, sustainability and innovation represent the philosophy of E.C. Engineering srl, engaged in engineering consulting of technological systems with cutting-edge eco-sustainable solutions. The company operates for the following sectors: electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building automation, special systems, structured cabling systems, renewable sources, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water, sanitary sound, anti-fire systems.

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Processing of fire prevention procedures and documentation for Public Entertainment Premises.

  • risk assessment
  • information sheets
  • anti-fire systems
  • sizing of safety exits
  • calculation of fire load and relevant classes
  • descriptive technical reports
  • equivalent safety systems
  • fire detection systems
  • anti-fire tank plans
  • anti-fire pumps plans
  • anti-fire ring systems inspections
  • certifications
  • Fire Brigade procedures:
  • application for examination of project design (1st phase) and request for Fire Prevention Certificate (2nd phase – SCIA)
  • project design of hydrant and anti-fire sprinkler systems network in compliance with Italian/European (UNI-EN 12845) and American (NFPA 13) standards
  • project design of foam fire extinguisher systems in compliance with NFPA 11 standard
  • project design of flood systems in compliance with NFPA 15 standard
  • project design of gas extinguishing systems (CO2) in compliance with NFPA 12 standard
  • project design of anti-fire pumping stations and rooms in compliance with Italian standard UNI 11292 and American standard NFPA 20