Professionalism, experience, sustainability and innovation represent the philosophy of E.C. Engineering srl, engaged in engineering consulting of technological systems with cutting-edge eco-sustainable solutions. The company operates for the following sectors: electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building automation, special systems, structured cabling systems, renewable sources, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water, sanitary sound, anti-fire systems.

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E.C. has always considered lighting technology to be of fundamental importance and this is why the company employs highly specialised people known professionally as “Lighting Designers”.

Lighting technology is the technical/scientific discipline dedicated to lighting both in and outdoor spaces and environments, exploiting both the light from the sun and artificial light.

To produce an artificial lighting project, knowledge of lighting technology is a necessary but not sufficient condition since a lighting project is based on interdisciplinary knowledge, such as:
  • Physiology and psychology of vision: light perception of the human eye, lighting ergonomics, visual comfort;
  • Architecture and design: choice of light suitable for interiors or exteriors, buildings, monuments, squares, streets, gardens, museums;
  • Bio-architecture: maximum exploitation of sun light also in order to limit greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Use of electricity in lighting, types of light sources (fluorescence, iodures, LED, sodium, etc.);
  • Regulations: safety (emergency lighting), energy saving, light pollution.

Lighting plays a very important role, both from the suggestive and didactic point of view: it helps to reveal the important elements of a project, it gives life to architecture, to a building, with a certain suggestion and by creating emotions.

A well-conceived and implemented technical lighting project can contribute enormously to the way in which people will use buildings. It has been shown that lighting design can become a crucial factor for the well-being of the users of buildings.
The establishment of a positive collaboration between the architect and the lighting project designer right from the first phases of a project can guarantee that the architect’s vision is realised in the best possible way and valorised from the creative point of view.
The challenges linked to the project design of architectural lighting are considerable. Today legislation stipulates measures which concern a vast range of aspects, from lighting levels in buildings to sustainability objectives, as far as understanding the provisions to reduce light pollution.
E.C., which carries out lighting project designs is well aware of such provisions and is able to propose solutions which respect the architect’s idea right from the first phases.
In working environments, well-designed lighting not only gives people a sense of wellbeing but also translates into an increase in productivity.
All of this, finally, will be linked to the automatic management system via Building Automation in order to obtain energy saving, composed of systems which automatically regulate internal lighting according to the presence of people and the contribution of light from the outside.