Professionalism, experience, sustainability and innovation represent the philosophy of E.C. Engineering srl, engaged in engineering consulting of technological systems with cutting-edge eco-sustainable solutions. The company operates for the following sectors: electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building automation, special systems, structured cabling systems, renewable sources, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water, sanitary sound, anti-fire systems.

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The practice/The Company

Professionalism, experience, sustainability and innovation represent the philosophy of E.C. Engineering srl, ENGAGED in the project design of technological systems with cutting-edge eco-sustainable solutions aimed at saving energy with maximum comfort.
The company operates in the national and international field, specialising in performing:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary, final, executive and construction project design
  • Works management
  • Inspections, tests and commissioning
  • Project managament
  • Project financing
  • Due diligence
for the following sectors: electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building automation (BMS), special systems, structured cabling systems, systems of production from renewable sources, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water and sanitary systems, anti-fire and sound systems and the study of building cladding systems.

E.C. Engineering srl is able to offer an integrated service and
to follow the customer from initial design inputs to implementation of the project and during the operating phase. Operating with the necessary but in no way foregone sensitivity, E.C. Engineering srl develops solutions which contribute to making it more comfortable to use spaces. The strong point of E.C. Engineering srl is the on-going training of its own technicians both in the national and international sphere, so that they can succeed in offering innovative solutions which always satisfy the needs of its customers, respecting the parameters established by current national and international regulations, minimising running costs and guaranteeing a high level of environmental sustainability.

Formal and application research aimed at defining a new way of looking at “systems”, knowhow which translates into amazing versatility and is applied to a wide range of projects covering the following business sectors:
1. OF PUBLIC INTEREST:sports, social, medical-hospital, education, public entertainment, public lighting, religious, etc.
2. PRODUCTIVE: commercial, management, industrial, the tourist and hotel field, agriculture, server-farms, building sites, etc.
3. RESIDENTIAL: social housing, residential centres, sustainable building, passive-houses, structures with X-LAM technology or frame.

Team Members

The structure of E.C. Engineering srl is divided into various operating sections, closely linked to each other, employing professionals with different kinds of training and specialisation, operating at the various offices in Marghera (VE), Montebelluna (TV), Pieve di Soligo (TV) and the new premises in Rome.

Personalità differenti che applicano uno specifico linguaggio progettuale, una propria sensibilità, un diverso approccio alla tecnologia, ma che continuamente si confrontano per offrire sempre la proposta più adeguata alla singola richiesta.

Different personalities applying a specific project design language, their own sensitivity and a different approach to technology, but who are in constant communication discussing solutions to always offer the most appropriate solution to the individual request.
An active organisation that can guarantee an efficient service, reliableresults in terms of timescales and product, customer satisfaction and respect of pre-established budgets.

A reliable team of more than forty technicians coordinated by the three founder partners:

For orders which are not ordinary and which have short time characteristics, E.C. Engineering Srl is affiliated with another 2 plant engineering companies with headquarters in Veneto and Lazio; the synergy of the group manages to create an instantaneous work force of more than 120 plant project designers.

EC Mission

The common aspect of E.C. Engineering srl projects is the constant search for innovative solutions focused on eco-sustainability, optimisation of investments and safety.
The most sophisticated building cladding systems, designed to accommodate modern man and guarantee maximum comfort, the result of a careful integrated project design and the use of appropriate materials.
Environments on a human scale thanks to the use of innovative systems solutions.
Functionality, Practicality, Efficiency, Sustainability, Safety, Environment/Physical/Psychological and Social Wellness which are achieved through the association of CLADDING/SYSTEMS DESIGN.
In times when architecture is configured as a technological structure, integrated building-systems project design becomes an essential premise. However, if up to today our aim has been to propose solutions to promote a new systems culture, the aim of tomorrow is to achieve this idea within a company of “integrated” engineering, organised according to progressive protocols and criteria, able to compete with great structures at
European level.

Not with an intricate tangle of cables and pipes which rip through newly-built masonry structures but with technological equipment conceived together with the structure, integrated with it and forming a single reality.
Cutting-edge solutions which simplify management of the systems without becoming invasive with their presence, even when they involve existing buildings which have to be renovated and made safe.
Intelligent buildings in which to live and work.
Large-scale systems which make the best use of renewable energies decreasing or eliminating the need for traditional fuels.
Technology for everything and everybody.

EC’s mission can be summarised as follows:
1. Building-plant integration
2. Project design with innovative eco-sustainable solutions
3. A multi-disciplinary approach
4. On-going training

EC How

By always offering a complete service starting from examination of the customer’s requirements and through an on-going exchange of information with the customer, we gradually arrive at an executive project design which can be taken onto the building site.

Solutions studied in every detail, project design proposals which spring from experience and from the constant training of our project-design technicians.

The project design is based on: guarantees of safety, respect of current regulations, the quality of proposed technologies, attention to energy consumption, control of management and maintenance costs, environmental sustainability, but above all, innovation and upgrading, so that we are always one step ahead.

reliminary, final, executive and construction project design, but also:

- technical and economic feasibility analysis of projects,
- assistance to bodies in tender procedures,
- works management, assessment and accounting,
- safety coordination,
- technical assistance and consultancy during the project,
- systems inspections,
- monitoring of installed systems,
- tests and commissioning;
- Project financing
- Due diligence